It’s been a long time since I dreamt of my son. 3 months after he passed he came to me. It was meaningful and vivid. It was so much more than a dream. It was where we use to live and he was waiting for me. I ran to him and he held me. I said I miss you so much and we both just hugged and cried and then he waved goodbye. The second dream the three of us were hugging. It was me and my 2 sons. He had his arms around both of us. It had such great meaning. The last time was last May. I was on vacation unaware of dates. I woke up crying. He brought my brother to me. He said Mom I brought Uncle Tommy to you. He was dressed as he always was. I woke up and I checked the date because it was May. I lost my brother May 19 and it was May 19.❤ I went to two different mediums since then and both said they were together and knew how my brother died and the cancer that took him. We will always be connected. As much as I miss touching his face he is there. Perhaps he feels it caused me too much pain to visit me but if it is pain I must feel to see his smile it’s ok.

6 thoughts on “Dreams

      1. Yes we do..I read a few things you’ve written about your son and it wasn’t hard to see how beautifully sweet Billy’s Soul is..just like my Chase’s..Only the good die young..how cliche, but how true. The origin of a cliche is dirived from our overuse
        of it and that in return causes the saying to lose its meaning, which in this case I believe to be tragically so. So, sigh, cliche or not, I’ll repeat if only to provoke thought and gain insight into this truth..ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG.
        But why is that?


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