Summer of 2017

It was the 2nd summer after I lost my son. For the first time I could spend time with my granddaughter. I watched her all day on Friday’s for the whole summer. We called it our summer Fridays. I was never given time with her before. I would get to her house by 8am and stay till 8pm. It was the best summer. I will never forget it. She would chase the butterfly’s at the park and say Daddy ….grandma and I are here. She was 5 years old. One of those Fridays I took her to the beach. She said grandma I think this is my happy place. She found a penny and put it in her pocket. I watched her keep checking it. She handed it to me and said grandma it’s a penny from heaven.. we can’t lose it. I truly believe she feels so connected to her father with me.

Does she remember our times together. I watch her as she looks at nature and loves to draw like him. Her silliness. Her beautiful blue eyes like his. I miss her so much. It’s been 10 months since I have seen her. The last time I saw her she said she waited at the window for me. She said grandma I was so excited. She would always say this is the best day ever and always asked when will she see me again. Our summer fridays were taken. Our every Fridays. It was the night I always came when my son was here. I feel that pit in my stomach on this day for the past three years. I will always remember our special summer.

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