The hole

I have been given so much in my life. I have always had a great job and wonderful friends. I had great parents who gave me a traditional life. You think life will always stay the same. At least yours. Loss. Sickness and tragedy happen to other people. Then one day you lose a brother out of nowhere. One day you wake up and your parents are old and aren’t the same strong people that took care of you. They depend on you now. You watch them fade each day and then you lose them 5 months of each other. You find yourself packing up 64 years of their life alone. My son stood my side through all of it. He was my person. He showed up for every moment in my life. He filled the disappointment that you have in other people . you never truly see that hole even though you know exists.

Then one morning I started my day and 4 hours later I was told my person was gone forever. That hole that I always knew existed opened up and took me in it. . that’s hole of disappointment stares at me every day.

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