April 2 2016

Today is 5 years that we lost you. I think about how much you were so broken inside that night and how you sat alone with all of your sadness. I am supposed to protect you and you died alone feeling worthless and scared. This will torment me all the days of my life. You spent your whole life making sure i was happy and i think about how exhausting that must have been and what a responsibility you put on yourself. You were my hero Billy

2 thoughts on “April 2 2016

  1. I’m at 3 years 10 weeks & 1 day since the seismic loss of my adored 20yr old son.
    5 years, I’m so sorry, I find TIME is my biggest enemy & my best friend…I’m stuck in 2018, but life can’t go fast enough…I want to be old…I want to be with my son.
    I’m so incredibly sorry you know this brutal pain.
    I will think of you & Billy today.


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