The best day of your life

I am so greatful i sat with you the day your daughter was born. It was your chance to be all of the things you didnt have from a father in your life. You were all of it. The first 4 years of a childs life are the most important You shaped her into the qualities that are important in this world. You showed her the beauty of nature, imagination, laughter and how to be greatful and kind. I see so much of you in her. The silliness, the kindness. I remember watching her one Friday and she found a penny on the sidewalk. She picked it up and said thank you Daddy. She kept checking her pocket to make sure she wouldnt lose it. Not only do i feel my own tragedy but i watch hers. She was the love of your life and Im so greatful for all of the photos you took of her for 3.5 years. I hope I live long enough to have her too as my best friend as i had you.

At dance class looking at you with love

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