I put a brick for my son at St. Anthony’s church in Oceanside NY and also Planting fields aboritorium. I felt that if I kept doing things it would relieve the pain of loss I felt every day if only for a day. Last year 2017, I googled a website and found another place to hold a memory of my son. What I found was so much more. Eisenhower Park has a memorial for children. I connected with the facilitator of the program. She called me after receiving my order for the brick. Eisenhower Park was a favorite of my son. He often brought his daughter there. He took me there on my last birthday with him and we spent a great day together with my granddaughter . This place couldn’t be more perfect.  It also holds a beautiful story behind it.  The statue resides in various locations all over the world bringing peace for parents.  I spiritually connected with my son through Patty. I will forever be grateful. It reassured me that souls never die. It’s just the next level

of our journey.

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