The people you think will be there for you I have learned are often not the ones by your side in tragedy. God put so many new people in my life this past 2 years. Perfect strangers have become my army of hope. Rather then live with the disappointment of those that weren’t there for me I have embraced the new people God has put in my life. Perhaps this was his plan all along. Helping me to see all the things that were wrong. I thank God for them every day. Each one of them has made me a better person. My son was my every day person. No matter who disappointed me he was there to hold all of it. I often think he is still protecting me.

3 thoughts on “Support

  1. You put my feelings into words, my dear friend! I could become bitter about those who have been unsupportive, uncaring, and in a few cases, cruel. Instead, I choose to be grateful for all the ones that have come into my life since the loss of Wil.
    Grieving mothers holding hands and hearts are a powerful force. We are stronger than we ever could have imagined.
    I hear Wil’s voice in my head telling me, “Mom, you can do this!” I want to tell him, “Billy’s mom is helping me.”
    Love you, Karen!

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