To all beautiful souls……

Don’t let feelings of aloneness push you towards toxic people, or propel you into the arms of toxic relationships.

Don’t let those feelings make you shut down who your heart knows you are, just so you can fit in with people who would squash your heart further.

Let instead, that loneliness guide you to yourself, to the places that need more love from your own being.
Let it lead you to feel completely in joyful peace with your own heart for company.

Let it teach you to reconnect the lost threads within, the ones that connect your mind to your heart, let those feelings guide you to reconnect with your every pore.

Those feelings can lead you to what you really truly need, to what your soul whispers to you when you touch in with who you really are.
From that place, follow the golden threads within your knowing, the ones that light up when you touch upon something that feels like kin to your dreams.
These golden threads that shine in the darkness, leading you one step at a time, to places that feel similar to who you really are. From that place you will start to meet people who resonate with what you have become, you will be drawn to those who treat your heart well.
Do not give up on the essence of who you are, just to be around others who do not want your essence to become an elixir of life.
Find the emptiness inside and fill it with love, rest, plans, inspiration and adventure.
Fill it with life.

•Words Brigit Anna McNeill•

Art by ….shawna Erback

2 thoughts on “Aloneness

  1. If Wil and Billy could have met when they were still here, maybe that connection of kindred spirits would have given them the hope to stay with us. Maybe they could have found strength in the bond with another kind heart. Will had lots of so called friends, but he was always the one who gave, never the one who received. That is all too often the case with hearts of gold. They are targets for toxic people. They don’t have that calloused layer necessary for protection against such.
    The truth, as we well know, is that some people are just too good for this world filled with toxic people. We are the mothers of two of those beautiful souls. What a gift!

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