A gift from you

Since my granddaughter was 2 every time I would come over to see her on Friday nights we would jump up and down and do ballerina twirls. She would get so excited for my visits. She is now 7. So much had changed for both of us. Her Dad is gone 3.5 years now. She has since moved to a new town, a new house and has a new family.She was 3.5 when my son died and as time gets further away those memories become a blurr for her. But every once in a while she remembers certain things. We still twirl when I see her. And she has this smile on her face that launches me back in time to when life was so happy. We will always keep that connection and love will be forever.

2 thoughts on “A gift from you

  1. My husband was the same age when his mother died. Sixty years ago his family thought it best just to tell him that she was in Heaven, end of story. They did not talk about her with him or tell stories of her life and happy times, and yet he still has memories of her. I can only imagine if had been able to hear about her and talk about her as a young child, how much more he would hold in his heart today.
    Billy’s precious daughter is so blessed to have someone who will keep those precious times alive.


    1. Oh my friend. Thank you for sharing this. Your story reinforces me to always make sure her dad is in her life. There are no photos of him . Everything is packed up and put away. My heart is so sad for your husband. I am glad he still has memories. It gives me insight on what I need to do for her. I am so lucky Billy was in to photography and took so many amazing photos of her. I often wondered if he did it for a reason. ❤ love u


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