Be the light for others

The most important thing I’ve learned since losing my son is to be the light for others. He was my light every day.

3 thoughts on “Be the light for others

  1. Surely there is!!! Again….so beautiful, Karen! Thank You!!! And please forgive me, but Your site/heart/love for Billy and the way You are processing Your journey is so beautiful that I think You’d heal/help many others. I was truly overjoyed when You visited me and I found You again, but when I clicked ‘All That’s Worth Remembering’ on the comment You left a page came up that said no such site exists. I was so bummed!!! I searched and searched and couldn’t find You anywhere. Then it occurred to me to click Your picture and voila!!! Up came Your avatar page with a clear link to Your site. I don’t know how to link Your name to Your site….but it would be wonderful if You did!!! WordPress tech support has been an amazing help to me in the past and they could tell You how to do it very easily! Just wanted You to know because if I saw the title of Your blog when I was bopping around, I’d click it just to see who You were. It’s poignant and lovely!!! Sending huge hugs Your way! 🤗❤️😊

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