Saying goodbye to another year

Photo bt Deviant Art

Looking back at the past 5.5 years without you, i think about the painful days that I have lived through. Time has taught me that I do not have to fit into places that break my spirit. It has opened my eyes to give my heart freely only where it truly belongs. Not to waste my time on people that don’t get it. You will never change the sociopaths and the narcissists that try to take your joy. Do your best and that’s all you can do. Living the life of a highly sensitive person comes with a heavy price. You can’t let the world take you into its grips and squeeze the light out of you.

I choose to find ways to keep your memory alive. God has put perfect strangers in my path that have dropped stones of gold for me to walk upon. I cannot help to think that is you lining my life with the light that you gave me every day. “Be the things you love most about the person you have lost” This is my purpose. There are still hard days and I know there always will be. That is my connection to you. The pain, the love are all one bridge to each other. Here we go into 2022 my son. I will look up at the stars for you.

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