No coincidence

I recently met someone who I have connected with that shares the same compassion the same soul as me. The biggest thing I have felt is the empty hole that has opened since the loss of my son. I never cared who disappointed me because my son filled all the spaces in my life. When I lost him all the disappointment of others were magnified. This has been the greatest challenge for me. Living amoungst the cruelty alone trying to react to it all on my own. I truly believe my son has put her in my life. I believe our boys are together. They were exactly the same kindred souls. There are no coincidences in life. I am forever greatful for her friendship. We never met but we share a bond that no amount of years could ever create. Thank you my friend


3 thoughts on “No coincidence

  1. Karen, I live with this thought every day! So many times when I feel that I just can’t handle this for another minute, I see Wil and Billy together, laughing, feeling complete, and waiting on us. That image brings more peace to my heart that anything I’ve found. When I feel more alone than I’ve ever been, I stop and think about my friend, whom I’ve never met, a thousand miles away that shares my heart. We were blessed to be the mothers of the most special boys, too good for a cruel world. God allowed their pain to end, and we were given this special gift to help us make it until the time that when we’re all together again.
    I love you and pray for you every day my friend!

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