A moment in time

There are some moments that happen that when you are in them you never will know if it will be that moment that will last a lifetime. This was a summer day 5 years ago today. My son was off from work and we spent the day together. It was 90 degrees this day. I invited my son and granddaughter to come over in the pool and have lunch. My son wanted to show me a place in town he discovered on his days off that he took my granddaughter to.

It was a nature preserve. Places my son love to go. It was a place of marshes that were preserved by the town. In the water you saw turtles, swans and exhibits were displayed on the history of every specie. I watched my granddaughter follow in with him in delight. She loved this place too. He watched her 3 days a week in addition to working a full time job.

We walked in the 90 degree heat. I knew how much it meant to him to share this with me. Because that was Billy. A simple person who loved the beauty that most walked by every day. He has always been like this. He said to me ” mom thank you for sharing this with me. Besides my daughter no one does these things with me,” I will never forget what he said. He stopped and said let me take a photo of you and my daughter so I can remember this. There I stood with her thinking how hot I was and couldnt wait to go in the pool. I look at this photo now and it will be my biggest treasure in a photo.

Who knew the moment we took this that he would be gone from my life 5 years later. We never know if we are standing in a moment. I have this photo enlarged in my diningroom. I hope my granddaughter will read this one day and know what a great day this was. How happy we all were. How she ran around and showed me all the things her father taught her. I know she wont remember but we have this photo that will always hold this beautiful story. July 12, 2014.

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