Hold on to the Light

By Yasmin Mogahed

You can continue to blame the people and the situations that have hurt you. Or you can take back your power and look through the actors. To see the Director.

Every single aspect of your life has a purpose and is by divine design. Even the parts you hate. Even the parts you try to hide from the world and yourself. Even the parts that hurt. Even the tears. The betrayal. The divorce. The loss.

You will find the purpose when you grow through this. When you allow nothing to shrink you. Or chain you. Or own you. When you stop hearing the noise of what other people are saying or thinking of you. When you stop the “what if’s”. When you stop beating yourself to a mental pulp. And never again allow someone to mistreat, disrespect, use, or take you for granted.

But most of all, you will only find peace when you finally remove the thing that has occupied God’s place in your heart.
Read that again.
Only then will you be able to truly love again. In a healthy way.

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