A true friend

Drawing by Billy Dehmer

Some people you can know for a lifetime and when the darkness arrives the colors around them disappear. Then there are those that suddenly appear. As if an angel has come down and put that light in your path so you can hold on to it. I have come to learn this with a beautiful person I have never met. She has saved me on this journey. Billy met someone out of nowhere and in that moment that they met he never knew he would be standing beside me one day making sure his mom is ok. I looked at him and knew he has known sadness. He showed up and walked against the wind and rain along side of me. He said I’ll stay as long as you need me. Thank you Billy ❤

One thought on “A true friend

  1. A true friend knows your heart. They accept wherever you are at any given time. They cheer you on through the good times. They cry with you through the storm. They love what you love. In you Karen, I have found a true friend. ❤️


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