The cardinal

Photo by Billy Dehmer

I never read or heard about the myth of the cardinal. My brother died in 2004 too soon and sudden. It was a huge loss in my life. I quit my job and stayed home for 4 months taking care of my parents during this time. I was standing in the kitchen one day and this red cardinal flew to the window and stared right through me. I felt this chill ring threw me and I knew without a doubt his spirit came to me. That bird sat in that tree for a year and every time I went to the kitchen window there it was. I told that story to my parents and

my son. It became our story of hope in the afterlife. He was still with us. My son carried that on for me to ease my sorrow. He drew this for me. And said Uncle Tom. When my son died a few days passed and I was at his house visiting my granddaughter. She came in the room and handed me a red cardinal. I looked at it and it was from my Christmas tree from my last Christmas with him. I said where did you get this she said I dont know grandma but she just put it in my hand. She was 3 5. Thank you my son for my sign. That day.

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